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Hi! I'm Davina, Founder at The Mumpreneur Lawyer.
I help women in business minimise their legal risk with customised legal documents. 

I know that your time is precious, you want to spend your money wisely, and you need a lawyer who understands you.

 That's why we make the promises below!

7 Reasons You Need Customised Legal Documents

  • They will suitable for you and the specific way you want your business to run.
  • They will be up to date with the law and your industry.
  • They will take into account your unique concerns.
  • By customising them the lawyer can ensure that you only make promises or obligations that you have to make, or should make.
  • They will ensure that you don't take responsibility for things you don’t want to.
  • They will be drafted properly so as to be interpreted in your favour if they ever end up in a courtroom.
  • Lawyers are best placed to draft legal documents.
Fixed Costs
We give you fixed cost quotes, because we know how hard it is to run a business with open expenses.
Flexible Times
We offer flexible consultation times for our clients, because we know your time is precious and you may need to wait till the kids are in bed.
Customised Documents
We offer customised legal documents  written so you can understand them and written to suit your business,  because we understand your needs are unique.
Client Success Stories
"Fantastic. Super helpful, and
tailored for me."

- Caroline T.  
Allied Health Services
"She does seem to be
the legal whisperer."

- Bianca V. 
Life and Business Coach
"She makes working with
legal stuff actually fun!"

- Siri B. 
Digital Marketer
"An absolute gem... able to answer all my legal questions with ease."

- Tracey B.
Web Designer and Copywriter

"My go-to person... normal, relatable and makes the legal side of things easy."

-Zo B. 
E-Commerce Store

"So easy to work with! She knew exactly what I needed for my business niche."

-Bec O. 
Textile Design
“I’m juggling work, a family, and now a business! 
I don’t have time to do legal stuff too!”
“I don’t understand this contract.”

 “I’m worried a template won’t cover me.”

“I want to make sure I’m complying with the law.”

“I know writing my own terms is risky...”

These are the most common problems our clients face when they are starting and growing 
their businesses. Let’s face it, legal stuff is HARD and can be CONFUSING.

We help all types of women in business by drafting and customising their contracts. 

The MOST POPULAR contract we draft is an agreement for your clients. 
We offer Customised Contract Drafting and Review Services
To help you present professionally even when you are new to business.

To ensure you feel EMPOWERED in your business relationships.

To give you a rulebook to help you run your businesses.

To help you negotiate CONFIDENTLY and get paid.

To protect you from legal risk.

We take care of your contracts so you can make more money and spend more time doing what you LOVE.
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